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Gregg’s Favourite Puddings by Gregg Wallace

Gregg's Favourite Puddings by Gregg Wallace

Not having a television, I had never heard of Gregg Wallace before Gregg’s Favourite Puddings landed on the doorstep. A co-presenter of BBC show Masterchef, apparently he is well known for his sweet tooth, and this book is a like a greatest hits of the pudding world.


Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

I am a big fan of Michael Pollan’s writing. I was first grabbed by 2008’s In Defence of Food, which led me to The Omnivore’s Dilemma from 2006. These books – absorbing, fascinating, infuriating and entertaining – are great reading. Pollan may be writing about weighty things but he wears his learning and research lightly.


Shrewd Food by Elizabeth Carty

Shrewd Food by Elizabeth Carty

There are times when a book arrives at exactly the right time. Elizabeth Carty’s Shrewd Food, with its focus on – as the subtitle says – a new way of shopping, cooking and eating, is that book. As Carty points out in her introduction, food does not have to be expensive to be good and recipes in the following pages prove this.


Tana’s Kitchen Secrets by Tana Ramsay

Tana's Kitchen Secrets by Tana Ramsay

Simple, accessible recipes are Tana Ramsay’s hallmark and that hasn’t changed in her latest book, Tana’s Kitchen Secrets. Unlike her superchef husband, Ramsay’s family-orientated recipes – she has four children to cater for – are all of the easily achievable, what-will-I-make-tonight kind. Dishes like Indian Lamb Chops, Moroccan Fish Tagine or Raspberry & Lemon Torta will appeal to everyone and there’s no need for complicated equipment or difficult-to-find ingredients.


Irish Seaweed Kitchen by Prannie Rhatigan

Irish Seaweed Kitchen by Prannie Rhatigan

How to make seaweed sexy? Take a passionate woman who happens to be an expert forager and cook, add a strong sense of place – the Sligo coast – scatter with a selection of recipes from well known (Domini Kemp, Hugo Arnold) and local Irish chefs (Brid Torrades of Sligo’s Tobergal Lane Cafe) and you have Prannie Rhatigan’s fabulous Irish Seaweed Kitchen. - Potato Apple Tart 8

St Patrick’s Day: Potato Apple Tart

Potato Apple Tart

With St Patrick’s Day being tomorrow, one’s thoughts turn to food. Specifically food of an Irish sort, which includes, naturally enough, all things potato. So when I was reading through my recently acquired copy of Margaret Bates’ Talking about Cakes with an Irish and Scottish Accent, her recipe for Potato Apple Cake caught my eye. She said it was a delicacy from the orchard districts of Co Armagh but didn’t give an exact recipe, describing it as two rounds of potato cake sandwiching an apple filling and cooked on the griddle.