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Comfort food: easy cheesy spinach gnocchi

It was not a good week. The airwaves and my feeds were full of horror and rage at what had happened in the US – some useful links here from #BlackLivesMatter – we were... - Rhubarb and Strawberry Cobbler 0

Rhubarb & strawberry cobbler

It feels as if there’s been a lot more sweet things around the cottage lately. This might be due to a combination of the girls baking more – thanks to cookbook gifts from the... - Toad in the Hole + Inch House Black Pudding 0

Toad in the Hole with Inch House Black Pudding

Smallies – frustratingly – change their minds about food. Cue lines from me like: “But you liked this pasta / rice / cheese / breakfast / lunch / dinner only last week! Little Missy,... - Christmas Cookies 2019 0

ALL the Christmas cookies

It started – as many things do – with one person. We all have a few of these in our lives: a dear friend and former colleague who was impossible to buy presents for....