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Yoga retreats that focus on good food: chef Erica Drum talks about cooking for the Yoga Feed retreats that she runs with yoga teacher Lucybloom Webb and how hands-on cooking classes have now become an essential part of the weekend. Five other yoga retreats where you can flex and feed.


Read: Irish Examiner | Happy Tummy Co is a real breadwinner

Passionate about working with small producers and small farms, Karen O’Donoghue of the The Happy Tummy Company in Westport uses Irish-grown heritage wheat grains, free range, pasture-raised eggs from the regenerative Mad Yolk Farm, Highbank Orchards’ organic apple cider vinegar and Achill sea salt “because you do notice the difference.” - The Edible Flower by Erin Bunting and Jo Facer 0

Read: Irish Examiner | Grow your flowers, and eat them too

Borage in the bean stew, parsnip cake strewn with primroses, spicy Thai beef served on tulip petals: The Edible Flower: A Modern Guide to Growing, Cooking and Eating Edible Flowers is a cornucopia of sustainably homegrown colours and flavours.