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Gluten-free eating: Pizza-style Socca

Pizza-style Socca Nothing strikes more terror into the heart of a cook than being told that a guest is allergic or intolerant to certain foods. I find that it tends to concentrate the mind, not – as you may think – on what you can cook but, rather, what you can’t. Told that I need to avoid spicy foods, my brain invariably starts wandering through all my Indian and Moroccan favourites. For vegetarians, I start musing over soups with meat bases or, perhaps, Mexican Beans – cooked with bacon!

Weird meme 2

Weird meme

It’s been a while since Maman Poulet – sorry Suzy! – tagged me for the Weird Meme. For this meme I have to write five weird things about me. Well, one person’s weird is another person’s absolutely normal so I’m not sure how weird (or sane) these are going to appear to anyone else. I just know that they’re things to do with cooking and food that people have pointed out as being somewhat strange.

2005 Food Blog Awards 2

2005 Food Blog Awards

For anybody with more than a passing interest in food and/or blogs, check out the 2005 Food Blog Awards at the Accidental Hedonist‘s own blog. As Kate points out, the list of nominees is one of the best ways of discovering blogs that you might not have come across otherwise, such as the five-times nominated The Travellers Lunchbox and Gluten-free Girl. There’s also tried-and-true names such as the inimitable Chocolate & Zucchini, 101 Cookbooks and the new, improved Too Many Chefs. Voting is open now and continues until 18 January so, if you’d like to have your say or even if you’re just interested in discovering new food blogs, click over to Accidental Hedonist.